Immortal Coffee Novels

from Science Fiction writer Carrie Bailey involve genetically modified animals similar to the prehistoric megafauna of North American and coffee that can make people transform into ishim, a jinn or genie-like being. Five hundred years from now, in post apocalyptic Auckland, two cultures, one settled and one nomadic, compete to control the resources of their isolated island. Immortal Coffee Novels feature a dystopian future without zombies, but rich in scientifically-based speculation, placing imperfect characters, often struggling invisible disabilities, into perfect chaos and leaving the reader to judge the outcome.


A scribe accidentally starts a revolt against the administrators of the only civilized employment opportunity he had, falls in with thieves and discovers a special blend of coffee.

The work leaves me thirsting for more. - Mark

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The Ishim Under Ground | Eron's Story

After the young scribe sabotages his career prospects and loses his contract to dig latrines on the farthest corner of Auckland, he accidentally frees a slave and gets cast out of the village. With no possibility of going home, he joins the flow of nomads traveling the road systems on the eastern waste, hoping to find a group of monks who might take him in.

Eron's first encounters with the island's non-citizen population goes poorly. He's robbed by old women and a wild boy who wants to join the elite ranks of the highwaymen that patrol the roads and wear highly versatile leather hats. Events and circumstance eventually force Eron to accept that modern scientists gave life to myth through their lost technologies. After joining with thieves, he begans to imagine a life more noble than cleaning, sorting and updating catalog files for the city archive.


This is definitely one of the best pieces of work I have ever read and I recommend it to everyone. - Alpha

It was exciting to read this book. - Brian

With so many elements of excitement, Carrie Bailey's story is an excellent adventure! - Methos

The author did great job of showing me the character, and leading me through his story, so much so, I found myself peeking around the corner looking for what was next. - Phil

It felt like a warm 'emergency-jumper', the one you throw on to slob about at home in and is always the most comfortable item in your wardrobe. I'm a big fan of this book. - Simon

"I've often wondered what people thought during the dark ages about lost technologies from the ancient world? Whether they blamed it on aliens or cosmic intervention. I try to answer that question through my writing when not sidetracked in the pursuit of coffee."